What we do

At Kräuter Mix our name is program – not only in view of the family name of the owners, Christoph and Bernhard Mix, who are the third and fourth generation to lead the German family business with 480 employees. 650 products – from anise through chives and coriander to onions – belong to the rich assortment. As is proven by the manifold aromas and fragrances in the spacious production halls and storehouses which have pleasantly tickled the noses of many a driver while passing Abtswind on the highway from Nuremberg to Frankfurt am Main.

In 70 countries around the globe we buy raw materials and sell as an international supplier to industry the finished products to customers all over the world. And thus the town of Abtswind in the heart of Franconia with its 850 inhabitants becomes an important trading center for the food, pet food and pharmaceutical industries. Many of the natural products produced by us, which are also available in organic quality, can be found in the herbal and fruit tea blends, spice creations and ready-made meals of renowned brands. Since demand is continually growing, our company, which has been certified repeatedly for its quality and sustainability, has grown steadily in the past years, so that not only its headquarters, where production runs in three shifts, but also its logistics center in the neighboring town of Wiesentheid have been enlarged several times.