We take responsibility

Kräuter Mix places particular value on sustainability – which stands for more than ensuring the economic success of a company in the long term. Community involvement, social justice and ecological responsibility are not empty phrases for us. We make the topic come alive in all its facets – in manifold ways and in different projects, and have been doing so for many years.

Because we are aware of that: Our company can only develop successfully in harmony with our environment and the natural resources. Uncontaminated soils, clean air and clean water are essential prerequisites for producing our high-quality products of nature.

Organic plays an increasingly important role for consumers. Kräuter Mix identified the trend at an early stage. Since 1985 we have been supplying controlled organic products to our customers, since 1992 as a certified producer. We furthermore are continuously working on making our products increasingly sustainable and with responsibility toward the environment. This is done on the basis of recognized standards for sustainable agricultural production.

With the EMAS certification of the European Union, the most demanding system for sustainable and exemplary environmental management worldwide, we practice environmental protection that goes far beyond the statutory requirements, improve our environmental performance continuously and provide information annually in our environmental statement.

However, sustainability does not function solely on one’s own company premises. Therefore we make demands on our suppliers and help them in implementing sustainable procurement structures and quality standards. To this purpose we have an own in-house team of experts who together with our raw material buyers look into and help our suppliers in their qualification and constant further development. In addition we pursue international sustainability projects, dealing for example with biodiversity, species protection and the cultivation of plants.

We also owe our success and growth to the people that stand behind Kräuter Mix. They are our biggest potential. For them we assume responsibility. With 480 employees we are an important employer and apprenticing company in our home region. We place emphasis on competent employees who think in an entrepreneurial spirit as well as on constant personal and organizational learning. Manifold joint activities outside work strengthen our togetherness. We prove our fair treatment of our employees through our regular participation in the SMETA social audit.

Kräuter Mix expresses its responsibility for society furthermore through donations and sponsoring.

Examples for sustainable commitment:

  • Power generation with our own photovoltaic facilities
  • Electricity exclusively from renewable energy sources
  • E-bike leasing for employees
  • Apprentices acting as energy scouts
  • Longstanding cooperation with the botanical garden of the University of Würzburg
  • Project for the sustainable cultivation of arnica in cooperation with Kneipp
  • First and biggest support member in the “Mix for Kids” club with projects in India, Albania and Germany
  • Support of the clown doctors Würzburg
  • Promotion of sports and youth work in the TSV Abtswind sports club with soccer, netball, gymnastics and dancing
  • Donations of money and products for institutions such as kindergartens, schools, churches, societies and clubs.

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