For high product availability

In vast racks at our both locations in Abtswind and Wiesentheid, where our logistics center is located, the products are stored separately by product groups until they are delivered to our customers around the world in about 75 countries by truck, ship and plane. On an area of 60,000 square meters – roughly the size of 10 soccer fields – we reach a storage volume of 390,000 cubic meters. The average inventory is 20,000 tons. To do this 85,000 pallets are in use. If we stacked all the empty pallets on each other, the resulting tower would be higher than Mount Everest.

A decisive advantage is our pest-protected storage covering more than one harvest. This ensures high product availability for our customers and already begins as soon as the raw materials arrive and pass through our incoming goods inspection. Mobile storage shelves, double-deep pallet warehouses and an automated guided vehicle system are part of our logistics system in which we also offer forwarding services such as warehousing and export.

Import & export

Things to know about our warehouse locations