From the sources worldwide

Excellent product quality already begins with cultivation on the fields and with collecting in free nature. In order to get an impression directly at our suppliers no way is too long for our experienced purchasers. No matter if South America, Asia, Africa or Europe – we obtain our air-dried raw materials, a total of 650, from more than 70 countries around the globe. Where the best plants grow.

Long-term sourcing relationships are important to us. Many farmers have been supplying us for decades. With some of them we cooperate so closely that they are contract growers for us. We share our know-how through systematic supplier development. This ensures that Kräuter Mix gets exactly the product quality that customers expect from us. We know where our goods come from and can track them back to their origin. Our activities are always guided by the principle of sustainability.

And a further special feature characterizes us: Since China is of great importance in the procurement of raw materials, we have local employees who support our purchase department in questions of quality and sustainability.