High performance, gentle on the product, versatile

In our spacious production halls at our headquarters in Abtswind the air-dried raw materials are cleaned, optically sorted, cut, ground, mixed, pelletized, refined by specific methods and packaged. Our qualified permanent workforce with many years of production knowledge ensures that the goods – about 28,000 tons a year – are processed especially gently. High-performance, proven and innovative machines run around the clock in three-shift operation. Our guiding principle in doing so: Sustain the quality of natural products and increase their safety.

The 34 lines are as varied as the products that are refined on them:

  • 7 processing lines (separated by product groups)
  • 8 mixing plants for powder, fine cuts and coarse cuts
  • 5 systems for powder production (inert and cold grinding)
  • 2 pelletizer systems
  • 5 Care-Mix germ reduction systems with saturated steam (continuous and batch method) for all cut sizes and powders
  • 3 stock protection systems (PH₃, CO₂)
  • 2 juniper drying systems
  • Optical sorter
  • Hand picking

Stock protection treatment

Effective control of pest infestations