Medicine to the highest standards

When it comes to medicinal products there are two crucial things: their effect and their safety. To ensure this statutory regulations have to be observed in accordance with the principle “Good Manufacturing Practice”, abbreviated GMP. In “Good Manufacturing Practice” the focus lies on the highest requirements for quality, hygiene and safety. While the cultivation and collection of medicinal herbs has to be carried out in accordance with GACP (“Good Agricultural and Collection Practice”) specifications, the GMP guide regulates the production, handling and inspection of raw materials, active ingredients and medicine.

In addition to the official license for manufacturing medicines Kräuter Mix has the demanding GMP certification in accordance with which phytopharmaceutical raw materials are processed on qualified production plants. This is accompanied by further specific requirements such as validated processes, comprehensive production and inspection documentations and employees trained for GMP.


We offer the following options for the GMP production (as contract processing as well):

  • Cleaning
  • Cutting
  • Inert and cold grinding
  • Mixing
  • Pelletizing
  • Germ reduction

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