We realize ideas

Do you want a herbal tea the world has always been waiting for? Or a spice blend that refines each meal? No matter what the plan looks like: We are pleased to draw up recipes in accordance with the concepts of our customers. We know what the trends are and naturally also know the classic ingredients that make the mixture unique.

Whether fruity, tangy, refreshing or mild – we blend the individual components finely during the product development and give each herbal or fruit tea its right flavor. For the soothing medicinal teas we find the medicinal herbs effective against disorders. How about an extravagant superfood instead? We create herbal mixtures and spice specialties – spicy, hot, salty or mild – for a wide range of dishes for meat, fish, noodles, vegetables and much more.

There are virtually no limits for the product ideas that we can produce on our systems. Customer recipes are naturally treated with the utmost discretion.

Contact us and tell us about your ideas and concepts.