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Purchasing Philosophy

As an internationally operative manufacturing company, successful worldwide “sourcing” plays a key role in KRÄUTER MIX’s value chain. In the niche markets for AD (air dried) products, an optimised “supply chain” must be accorded the highest priority. In turn, procurement possibilities also define the role of KM in the value chain. Sustainability, traceability and the scope to influence and determine factors such as the required quality and volume of products, in addition to cost criteria and competitiveness, form the basis for decisions in respect of procurement policy. Long term commitments are given absolute precedence over short term procurement goals.

KRÄUTER MIX currently purchases around 800 different raw materials in over 70 countries. Here, especially in the food sector, contractual farming according to the “farm to fork” policy, conducted through our partner companies in Germany and Poland, plays a decisive role. In the phytopharmaceutical products sector, GACP management (good agricultural and collection practises), as an integral component of our purchasing policy, supports qualified procurement practices. In light of the extreme importance of China as a procurement market, we conduct our own purchasing through qualified Chinese staff on location. The importance of the purchasing sector, divided according to region and product program, is also underlined by the fact that this department has been successfully headed by the managing partner for a number of years.