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Fruit and Herbal Infusions

Fruit and Herbal Infusions in Both Coarse and Fine Cut

We supply industry and retail companies with full-bodied finished mixtures as coarse or fine cut for the filling of tea bags, both with and without additional flavour. Alternatively, you can also obtain individual components. We offer conventional as well as organic products. The mixtures are produced in state of the art large-scale plants, with the corresponding product application and with a low bioburden. Our performance profile also includes the creation and secure administration of individual mixtures according to third party recipes.

We create mixtures exactly according to the draft recipes and specifications of our clients. Thanks to our technical production and laboratory equipment we can also reproduce all types of mixtures according to a target sample, calibrate by bulk weight and produce on an economical basis. We tend to develop new herbal and fruit tea blends for our clients. The recipes of our customers are administrated using our merchandise planning and control system, are treated with the utmost confidentiality and remain inaccessible to third parties.