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Processing types:

whole - cut - fine cut (approx. 2 mm)

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Aniseed   Anis Inquiry
Apple pomace   Apfeltrester Inquiry
Apple sour   Apfel sauer Inquiry
Apple sweet *   Apfel süß * Inquiry
Apple sweet dices *   Apfel süß Würfel (hell) * Inquiry
Aronia berries *   Aroniabeeren * Inquiry
Aronia berries pomace   Aroniabeerentrester Inquiry
Banana chips *   Bananenchips * Inquiry
Bilberries   Heidelbeeren Inquiry
Bilberry leaves   Heidelbeerblätter Inquiry
Black currant fruits *   Johannisbeeren schwarz * Inquiry
Black currant leaves   Johannisbeerblätter schwarz Inquiry
Black currant pomace   Johannisbeertrester Inquiry
Blackberry leaves   Brombeerblätter Inquiry
Blackthorn fruits   Schlehdornfrüchte Inquiry
Caraway   Kümmel Inquiry
Carrot dices   Karotten Würfel Inquiry
Chamomile flowers   Kamillenblüten Inquiry
Chicory root   Zichorienwurzel Inquiry
Chicory root roasted   Zichorienwurzel geröstet Inquiry
Cinnamon   Zimt Inquiry
Cistus   Cistus Inquiry
Cloves   Nelken Inquiry
Cornflower with calyx   Kornblumenblüten mit Kelch Inquiry
Cornflower without calyx   Kornblumenblüten ohne Kelch Inquiry
Currants *   Korinthen * Inquiry
Dwarfelder berries   Attichbeeren Inquiry
Elderberries   Holunderbeeren Inquiry
Elderflowers   Holunderblüten Inquiry
Eucalyptus leaves   Eucalyptusblätter Inquiry
Everlasting flowers   Katzenpfötchenblüten Inquiry
Fennel bitter   Fenchel bitter Inquiry
Fennel sweet   Fenchel süß Inquiry
Ginger   Ingwer Inquiry
Ginseng root   Ginsengwurzel Inquiry
Guarana seed   Guaranasaat Inquiry
Hawthorn berries   Weissdornbeeren Inquiry
Hazelnut leaves   Haselnussblätter Inquiry
Heather herb   Heidekraut Inquiry
Hibiscus flowers   Hibiscusblüten Inquiry
Honeybush tea   Honigbuschtee Inquiry
Jasmine flowers   Jasminblüten Inquiry
Larkspur flowers   Ritterspornblüten Inquiry
Lavender flowers   Lavendelblüten Inquiry
Lemon balm leaves   Melissenblätter Inquiry
Lemon myrtle   Lemon Myrtle Inquiry
Lemon peels   Zitronenschalen Inquiry
Lemon verbena   Verbene (wohlriechendes Eisenkraut) Inquiry
Lemongrass   Lemongras Inquiry
Licorice root natural   Süssholzwurzel ungeschält Inquiry
Licorice root peeled   Süssholzwurzel geschält Inquiry
Lime tree arg. flowers   Lindenblüten - Silber Inquiry
Lime tree off. flowers   Lindenblüten - Stein Inquiry
Locust tree flowers   Robinienblüten Inquiry
Mallow flowers black   Malvenblüten schwarz Inquiry
Mallow flowers blue   Malvenblüten blau Inquiry
Mango dices *   Mango Würfel * Inquiry
Marigold flowers with calyx   Ringelblumenblüten mit Kelch Inquiry
Marigold flowers without calyx   Ringelblumenblüten ohne Kelch Inquiry
Mate leaves green   Mateblätter grün Inquiry
Mate leaves roasted   Mateblätter geröstet Inquiry
Mountain tea (Greek type)   Bergtee (griechisch) Inquiry
Mullein flowers   Wollblumenblüten (Königskerze) Inquiry
Nettle leaves   Brennnesselblätter Inquiry
Oats herb   Haferkraut Inquiry
Orange flowers   Orangenblüten Inquiry
Orange leaves   Orangenblätter Inquiry
Orange peels bitter   Orangenschalen bitter Inquiry
Orange peels sweet   Orangenschalen süß Inquiry
Papaya dices *   Papaya Würfel * Inquiry
Pau d`Arc bark   Lapachorinde Inquiry
Peach dices *   Pfirsich Würfel * Inquiry
Peony flowers   Pfingstrosenblüten Inquiry
Peppermint leaves   Pfefferminzblätter Inquiry
Pineapple dices *   Ananas Würfel * Inquiry
Plantain leaves   Spitzwegerichblätter Inquiry
Poppy flowers   Klatschmohnblüten Inquiry
Raspberry leaves   Himbeerblätter Inquiry
Red beet dices   Rote Beete Würfel Inquiry
Rooibos tea   Rotbuschtee Inquiry
Rooibos tea green   Rotbuschtee grün Inquiry
Rose buds red, yellow, pink, white *   Rosenknospen rot, gelb, rosa, weiß * Inquiry
Rose petals pink   Rosenblüten rosa Inquiry
Rose petals red   Rosenblüten rot Inquiry
Rosehip seeds   Hagebuttenkerne Inquiry
Rosehip shells   Hagebuttenschalen Inquiry
Safflowers   Saflorblüten Inquiry
Sage leaves off   Salbeiblätter offizinell Inquiry
Sage leaves tril.   Salbeiblätter triloba Inquiry
Sea buckthorn berries   Sanddornbeeren Inquiry
Spearmint (Nana)   Krauseminze (Nana) Inquiry
Star aniseed   Sternanis Inquiry
Strawberry leaves   Erdbeerblätter Inquiry
Sultanas *   Sultaninen * Inquiry
Sunflower petals   Sonnenblumenblüten Inquiry
Vanilla pods *   Vanilleschoten * Inquiry

* These products cannot be delivered as fine cut.

Rarely used products as well as exotic ingredients for mixtures can be looked up in our Botanical or Spice Seasoning List.

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