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Stock Protection

KRÄUTER MIX – Stock Protection

An extensive stock protection system, consisting of a combination of active and passive protection measures, has long been an integral part of KRÄUTER MIX’s inventory management system. The passive protection system, operated through a certified company, consists of a series of protection elements. Comprehensive building protection measures are supplemented with operative protection measures:

  • Protection of the site perimeter from rodents using bait stations
  • Interior: Rodent control bait stations; cockroach monitoring; monitoring of “flying infestations“ using pheromone bait stations as well as through UV protective equipment in the entrance areas

The measures conducted are documented and the results can be viewed online on request, the verification is, amongst others, RFID supported.

Two systems for the active elimination of living infestations, employing different but equally effective systems, are also available for contract processing. A qualified gassing supervisor and trained personnel, together with the necessary technical equipment, ensure proper ISO conform operation.

You can obtain further information on request through your customer services representative or here.

KRÄUTER MIX’s CO₂ fumigation:

  • Plant specifications:
    • Two pressure-resistant autoclaves
    • Integrated ”zoning“ (separation of clean and unclean areas)
    • Volume: approx. 17m³ per chamber
    • Treatment time: minimum 3 hours
    • TÜV (German Technical Inspection Authority) certified

  • The CO procedure:
    • Environmentally friendly design:
      • Thanks to an operating mode based on a double chamber system a high percentage of the CO₂ is reutilised. This enables KRÄUTER MIX to make an important contribution to environmental protection.
    • Product friendly procedure:
      • Goods treated with CO₂ are no different to untreated goods in terms of taste and appearance; the shelf life of the products also remains unaffected.
      • CO₂ fumigation has no influence on the quality of the active ingredients.
      • The CO₂ procedure can also be safely used for organic goods.
    • High effectivity:
      • Studies have demonstrated that a 100% elimination rate is achieved for pests in all stages of their lifecycle.
      • Following pressure treatment the products can be immediately processed or dispatched.
      • No expensive waiting times required following CO₂ treatment.

KRÄUTER MIX’s PH₃ fumigation:

  • Plant specifications:
    • Two treatment chambers, heatable
    • Integrated “zoning” (separation of clean and unclean areas, heatable)
    • Volume: approx. 280m³ per chamber
    • Treatment time: 96 hours
    • TÜV certified

  • The PH₃ procedure:
    • The raw materials to be treated are tempered and exposed to the active agent hydrogen phosphide for four days.
    • Throughout its duration the entire process is electronically monitored.
    • An elimination of warehouse pests in all stages of their lifecycle, including eggs, is herewith guaranteed.