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Warehousing occupies an extremely important strategic function within KRÄUTER MIX, guaranteeing the continual and reliable supply of our customers, irrespective of the time of year, with an average of over 23,000 tons of stock.

Our modern warehousing system consists of

  • Company owned and rented warehouses under our own administration
  • Warehouses administered by third parties
  • Consignment warehouses
  • Supplier warehouses 

Raw materials are stored separately according to the product groups, with raw materials stored close to the production plant at the site in Abstwind, and finished goods at the logistics centre in Wiesentheid. Here the order picking and packing and despatch is carried out without overlap and according to the product groups.

  • Consumable foodstuffs
  • Phytopharmaceuticals and medicinal teas 

Approx. 95,000 pallets are stored across a warehousing space of approx. 55,000m², infestation protected and ventilated using an automatically controlled system. Storage and retrieval is IT supported using the in-house inventory management program.

The following warehousing techniques are employed:

  • Drive-in palette racks
  • Double-depth pushback palette racks
  • Drive-in Bigbag system
  • Mobile block storage system using palettes with frames