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Natural sterilization using saturated steam

Germ-reduced products are more and more in demand. The needs and demand of the food and pharmaceutical industry for products which have been processed in a gentle and natural way has constantly increased in recent years. The advantage is obvious: germ-reduced products comply with strict and microbiological customer requirements and international legal rules and standards.

Since 1999, Kräuter Mix has been extremely successful in the field of natural germ reduction based on saturated steam. Our continuously used large-scale plant Care-Mix®, recognized by our most demanding customers all over the world, has been developed further over the years on an ongoing basis thereby always representing the latest state of the art technology. At the saturated steam plant Care-Mix® II, operated according to a batch-mode process, the goods are processed in compliance with GMP requirements at the highest level of hygiene and safety.

With the innovative plant Care-Mix® III, three technically different types of saturated steam processes are meanwhile available which enable Kräuter Mix to react even more flexibly to customer requirements. When it comes to our variety of products and individual requirements, Kräuter Mix always has the best solution at the ready.

Besides, we apply the most cost-effective method for both the desired batch sizes and specifications.

For the three types of facility the following applies:

  • Safety is the highest priority
  • High degree of automation
  • Automatic documenting/logging of the entire process
  • Regular process validation
  • Adjustment in line with state of the art applied technology

You can obtain further information on request through your customer services representative or here.