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Logistics / Warehousing

Select one of the following services from Kräuter Mix’s logistics sector: 

  • Contract repacking: Repacking of material from unsuitable packaging to the optimal packaging and load carrier for the respective application. On request we can also store third party material and repack it in the desired packaging on call. Just-in-time!

  • Consignment warehouse: Even if you have large wholesale customers with “ad-hoc” order frequencies, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to develop your own expensive warehousing. For such special applications, “on-site consignment warehouses” providing immediate access are a possible solution.

  • Goods warehousing at Kräuter Mix: With our preferred carrier, we can reach any point in Germany (with the exception of islands) within 48 hours of order receipt and confirmation. If you also operate according to a system of framework or annual contracts, we can supply you with goods on a just in time basis according to a fixed ordering rhythm. In connection with an agreed quality management system, you can also drastically reduce your own quarantine times, thus significantly reducing costs.

  • Contract despatch: We are also more than happy to carry out your despatch orders for you, at our especially reasonable in-house rates. Whether from Wiesentheid/Abtswind or directly from the factories of our affiliated production partners. National or international, by truck, container ship, or cargo plane.

You can obtain further information on request through your customer services representative or here.