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Product Refining

Select one of the following refining options (requests for the contract processing of allergen products are subject to a separate assessment; on principle, material contaminated with GMOs are not refined): 

  • Cleaning of air dried raw materials (seeds, leaves, roots) using lightweight and heavy fraction separation, differentiated cleaning of metals, tumble, oscillating, vibrating or rotation sieving, colour reading

  • Cutting and fractionation of air dried roots and leaf products with special cutting tools

  • Grinding by means of a turbo-grinding mill (warm), or liquid nitrogen cooled material (cold)

  • Mixing/homogenisation of especially delicate, coarse products using flatbed mixing systems, or unproblematic products such as powder and granulate using cone mixing systems or a compulsory mixer

  • Handpicking of products unsuitable for mechanical cleaning and destined for immediate consumption

You can obtain further information on request through your customer services representative or here.