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KRÄUTER MIX’s CO₂ fumigation:

  • Plant specifications:
    • Two pressure-resistant autoclaves
    • Integrated ”zoning“ (separation of clean and unclean areas)
    • Volume: approx. 17m³ per chamber
    • Treatment time: minimum 3 hours
    • TÜV (German Technical Inspection Authority) certified

  • The CO procedure:
    • Environmentally friendly design:
      • Thanks to an operating mode based on a double chamber system a high percentage of the CO₂ is reutilised. This enables KRÄUTER MIX to make an important contribution to environmental protection.
    • Product friendly procedure:
      • Goods treated with CO₂ are no different to untreated goods in terms of taste and appearance; the shelf life of the products also remains unaffected.
      • CO₂ fumigation has no influence on the quality of the active ingredients.
      • The CO₂ procedure can also be safely used for organic goods.
    • High effectivity:
      • Studies have demonstrated that a 100% elimination rate is achieved for pests in all stages of their lifecycle.
      • Following pressure treatment the products can be immediately processed or dispatched.
      • No expensive waiting times required following CO₂ treatment.