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This is the most important issue concerning our customers. That is why KRÄUTER MIX does not solely concentrate on the technology but places at least as much emphasis on having specially trained staff.

External certifications such as FSSC 22000, etc. only provide the basic framework. Over and above this, environmental protection, sustainability and ethics are given the significance that you can expect from a company that operates globally. At KRÄUTER MIX, this is written down in the company‘s own quality policy.

Wherever possible, we go that extra step in our procurement activities, regardless of whether at home or abroad. The principle to which we hold true is to exert a direct influence on the quality of the raw materials. For a long time, KRÄUTER MIX has had a special GACP* management sector, which frequently helps to close the gaps between production and cultivation in the countries of origin. We also bear the risks of procurement for our clients including currency exchange risks, so that we can provide the basis for secure cost planning.

* (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices)

We use infestation-protected storage facilities, divided into stores for different commodity groups – and we also finance contracted goods as contractually agreed, until you need the products on a „just in time“ basis.

The KRÄUTER MIX production function has gained an extremely good reputation in the industry, one that extends beyond national boundaries. It starts with the protection of goods in stock, and includes a great variety of cleaning and processing stages, up to and including milling, mixing or microbe extermination. The products are manufactured on machinery and equipment which we have partly developed ourselves, using our almost legendary expertise that has been gathered over decades. And we do this around the clock, three shifts per day. Our work is not performed in secret, but completely transparently and comprehensibly.

If there is one place where the concept of „open production and supply“ means anything at all, then surely here at KRÄUTER MIX.