Juniper & much more

Gin is in trend and is literally on (almost) everyone’s lips. In addition to the standard mixture “gin and tonic” the juniper spirit is the main constituent in many cocktails and has become a popular drink in the last years.

Thanks to different herbal ingredients each gin has its own taste profile. The juniper berry gives gin its unmistakable bouquet, which is rounded off individually with further aromatic herbs depending on the recipe.

Some gins contain more than 40 natural ingredients which are decisive for the quality of the distillate.

At Kräuter Mix, one of the leading providers of juniper berries with its Juniper Center, Europe’s most advanced production and drying plant, customers find the right ingredients for their gin composition and the manufacturing of further spirits.

The comprehensive range (GinMix) encompasses high-quality herbs, fruits, roots and blossoms – also in organic quality. In addition to juniper berries these Botanicals include angelica root, coriander seed, licorice, orris, gentian and ginger root, lemon and orange peels, Cassia bark, blackthorn fruit, cubeb pepper, star aniseed, thyme, rosemary, sage, rose, elder and chamomile flowers, nutmeg and many more.

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