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What is the latest at Kräuter Mix? We will tell you.

A fall forest adventure

In the first company outing since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, more than 30 Kräuter Mix employees met out in the fresh air for a fall hike through the Ilmbach forest and the vineyards in the Steigerwald Nature Park, Germany.

Employees clock a total of 935 years at Kräuter Mix

At its annual anniversary celebration, Kräuter Mix honored 45 employees for their long years of service. The employees from various departments, including Production, Logistics, Quality Management, Technology Management, Sales, Purchasing, Commercial Management, Sustainability Management, Production Planning and the Technical Center, have worked at the company for between ten and 35 years.

2021/2022 Environmental Objectives

Since 2015, Kräuter Mix has held the EMAS certificate, which confirms that the company’s environmental management is both sustainable and exemplary. In 2021, Kräuter Mix successfully passed the main audit conducted by an independent environmental consultant, for which the company had to submit a comprehensive environmental statement specifying its sustainability goals.

19 fire extinguishers for the fire department

The Abtswind fire department is delighted to have received 19 fire extinguishers donated by Kräuter Mix. Company fire safety officer Patrick Mattle handed over the fire extinguishers to fire commanders Wolfgang Kaiser and Sascha Nuß and youth officer Ann-Kathrin Kaiser.

Apprenticeships come to a successful end

The placements are finished, the exams passed: six employees have successfully completed their apprenticeships at Kräuter Mix in 2021 and have been given permanent contracts. Congratulations!

New certification for natural cosmetics

Kräuter Mix has added the Natrue certification for natural cosmetics to its extensive certification portfolio. The internationally recognized Natrue label certifies the organic and natural ingredients in cosmetic products, with Kräuter Mix red, black, brown and blond henna powders now all Natrue approved.

Launching careers at Kräuter Mix

Two apprentice induction days at Kräuter Mix marked the beginning of an exciting new stage in life for nine young people. Seven apprentices, one dual-study student and one trainee will receive quality training in commercial management, as well as in industry and technology-based professions over the coming years. Interested in starting your career at Kräuter Mix? Apply now for 2022.

Treat pain naturally

How can you treat orthopedic pain in dogs and horses naturally using medicinal plants? Kräuter Mix held an online workshop discussing this question aimed at customers from the pet food industry and trade journalists. Katja Görts, a practicing veterinarian, spoke at the event. In her lecture, which lasted around one hour, she presented the medicinal plants turmeric, frankincense, meadowsweet and willow.

Kräuter Mix vaccinates against Covid-19

A Kräuter Mix company vaccination program saw 200 employees receive their first Covid-19 shot. Company doctor Dr. Tobias Weigand was joined by Dr. Michaela Maria Arnold from the Gerolzhofen Medical Center to administer the Biontech/Pfizer vaccine, with the pair giving one shot every three minutes from early morning until late afternoon.

Medicinal plants for animal health

Pet owners are increasingly showing an interest in traditional medicine, such as phytotherapy. They often particularly value closeness to nature and are markedly more accepting of naturally derived medicines. After all, the use of medicinal herbs is in no way limited to humans.

Interzoo digital: June 1–4, 2021

Access the whole world of the pet industry, network and discover the latest trends and products, all in just one click? This year, the world-leading Interzoo trade fair has gone entirely online and is all set to take place between June 1–4, 2021. Kräuter Mix will exhibit at Interzoo.

Tasty treats for healthy horses

When it comes to horse treats, dried fruit and vegetables are a healthy and tasty alternative. They can be added to feed or enjoyed straight from the hand and are a useful supplementary feed for making sure horses get the vitamins and nutrients they need naturally and without added sugar.

Fire in production

On April 26, a fire broke out at one of our germ reduction plants, affecting the drying unit. Thankfully, no one was injured. Current information suggests a technical defect was to blame for the fire. The plant should be fully repaired within six to eight weeks.

Celebrating what we love

In 2019, the United Nations declared May 21 each year International Tea Day. On the initiative of The German Tea & Herbal Infusions Association, in Germany the day is celebrated as ‘Tea Day’. So, come celebrate with us! After all, a love of tea connects people all across the globe day in, day out. To make sure there’s enough to go round, Kräuter Mix supplies customers from industry with a whole range of herbal and fruit infusions, both as individual ingredients and blends.

Kräuter Mix attends the World Gin Awards

Since 2014, the World Gin Awards, which honor the world’s best juniper-based spirits, have become an annual tradition whereby gins from more than 50 countries are critically judged by a panel of experts. This year saw a record-breaking number of entries, with more than 800 different gins submitted. As a supplier of juniper berries and other botanicals for gin distillation, Kräuter Mix once again sponsored the prestigious event.

Results to be proud of from our customer survey

Anyone who trusts in products and services from Kräuter Mix can consider themselves well looked after. This was revealed by the results of our latest online survey. 80 percent of customers surveyed expressed their satisfaction, while 85 percent would recommend us. These truly are results to be proud of.

Biofach goes digital from February 17 to 19

Since 1990, Biofach is the place for people to share their passion for organic food and the organic market, while also meeting new people and striking up conversations. This year, the trade fair is not being held in Nuremberg (Germany) as usual, but instead is taking place completely online for the first time. And Kräuter Mix will also be making an online appearance at all three days of the fair at

Cycling for children in need

This year, 60 Kräuter Mix employees once again took up the “Cycle to work” scheme. Between June 1 and September 30, all 60 pedaled their way to work. And that’s not all! For every kilometer cycled, the company donated ten cents to Mix for Kids.

Merry Christmas!

As the French writer Guy de Maupassant said, “It is the lives we encounter that make life worth living.” In times like these, we can only meet one another at a distance. But life’s major celebrations will find a way to carry on, albeit on a smaller scale. With this in mind, we would like to wish you and your loved ones Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Bringing holiday spices to feed supplements

Holiday spices for animals? While that might sound a little absurd, it actually isn’t. Plants in the form of feed supplements help to prevent diseases in pets and livestock and can also serve as remedies in case of illness – especially for boosting the immune system during the cold and wet season. To this end, Kräuter Mix offers both individual ingredients like aniseed, cinnamon and ginger as well as spice mixes.

Juniper – from herbal remedy to popular drink

Gin is the trend quite literally on (almost) everyone’s lips. Besides the omnipresent classic that is a gin and tonic, the legendary bar staple has become the star ingredient of a whole host of cocktails and has developed into a crowd-pleasing in-drink in recent years.

Covid-19 cases at Kräuter Mix

(Updated: October 28, 2020) On October 14, 2020, the first case of Covid-19 was reported among Kräuter Mix employees. As a result, over 400 employees were tested for the coronavirus. Nineteen tested positive. Business operations can continue as usual without any further restrictions thanks to our robust Health and Safety Plan.

The trade fairs taking place in 2020 – and those that aren’t

(Updated: September 23, 2020) As a producer and distributor of plant-based raw materials, Kräuter Mix regularly has its own stand at trade fairs across Germany and Europe. In 2020 too, the company had hoped to present its dried natural products – herbs, vegetables and spices both as individual ingredients as well as in mixes – to a broad audience from trade and industry.

Kräuter Mix celebrates 35 long-serving employees

Thirty-five highly valued employees are celebrating their Kräuter Mix work anniversaries, looking back on between ten and 50 years at the company. The firm’s longest serving staff member is managing partner Christoph Mix.

Successful EMAS audit

Kräuter Mix has been EMAS certified since 2015. EMAS stands for “Eco-Management and Audit Scheme” and is the world’s most discerning system when it comes to sustainable and exemplary environmental management. As an internationally active family-owned business, Kräuter Mix holds this certification, developed by the European Union, to document its efforts to go above and beyond what is required by law to protect the environment, continuously improve its environmental performance, and report on the relevant activities regularly in the form of an environmental statement. In 2020, the company once again successfully passed its annual audit.

Support for children with cancer

Kräuter Mix donates 575 packs of herbal tea from the LebensMix product line for the good cause Over the past few days, Thorsten Ellmauer brought 575 packs of herbal tea to E-Center, an Edeka grocery store in Kitzingen. The fragrant 100-gram bags were donated by Kräuter Mix. The Abtswind-based company manufactured the tea and packaged…

Coronavirus information

Since the first reports of the outbreak of a respiratory disease caused by an infection with a new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in Wuhan City in China’s Hubei province, Kräuter Mix has been following the assessments and recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute and the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment. Furthermore, Kräuter Mix is closely monitoring any current information about the Covid-19 situation.

Come see us at Biofach!

Over 50,000 international industry visitors are expected to visit Biofach with its around 3,500 exhibitors from 100 countries and two additional exhibition halls. These numbers demonstrate that ecological awareness is growing around the globe, and so is the market for organic products. The world’s leading organic trade show opens its doors in Nuremberg for the 31st time from February 12–15, 2020.

Merry Christmas!

Dear customers, business partners and friends of Kräuter Mix, An eventful year is coming to a close. At Kräuter Mix, 2019 was all about our company’s anniversary, which we celebrated at various occasions under the motto 100 Years Passion for Plants. At the same time, we also took vital steps in our business: With new…

Kräuter Mix turns 100 years

Kräuter Mix has every reason to celebrate. 2019 is a significant year for the producer of vegetable raw materials. The company is 100 years old. The anniversary marks a milestone in the company’s history, where pride and success in the future can be proudly seen.