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Company History

For nearly 100 years now, KRÄUTER MIX has stood for reliability based on competence. It is the company’s historical development from a small herb trader to a global player where tradition and modernity complement each other.

1919 – KRÄUTER MIX is born

On 1 April, Christoph Mix, the grandfather of the present owner, establishes the company in Abtswind. The business purpose, as shown in the document for the Chamber of Trade, is the cultivation of and trade with medicinal plants. Very soon, peppermint and valerian are grown in larger quantities in the fields surrounding Abtswind.

1930 – Trade and herbs are flourishing

As a result of the booming business with medicinal herbs, the young company soon reaches its limits. The construction of a new, larger hall for drying and storing the plants is unavoidable – an investment which later proved to pay off.

1951 – Fresh breeze blowing in Abtswind

After the death of the company founder Christoph Mix, his sons Bernhard and Walter Mix continue to operate the business. With their fresh ideas they make the company grow further.  Production quality reaches a new dimension through the installation of sophisticated production facilities and a second drying hall. A domino effect is triggered: the product portfolio is getting wider and does now also comprise herbs.

1973 – The perfect mix to stand up to competition on the global market

With Christoph Mix, grandson of the company’s founder, the company is now run by the third generation of KRÄUTER MIX. Christoph Mix, 21 years old at the time, presses ahead with innovations and aligns his company towards international competition. The scope of business relations is expanded to foreign countries. Dried vegetables and ready-made spice mixtures are now offered in addition to medicinal plants and teas.

1985 – The company is growing with its tasks

Stagnancy is a foreign word at KRÄUTER MIX. The company’s premises must be extended extensively to meet the increasing demand. More and more major customers are filling the order books. Through this positive momentum, further products are added to the portfolio and new production techniques and processes are introduced.

1992 – Certificates form the basis for trust

With the certificate of controlled biological cultivation, KRÄUTER MIX joins the prevailing testing and certification programs. Quality assurance is the major issue in subsequent years to meet the increasing demand and successfully compete on the market. The certifications make the company a competent and safe partner to the food and pharmaceutical industries. The process, which started in 1965 with the license for the manufacturing of herbal medicinal products (tea blends and single herbs), is being continued.

1997 – A milestone in warehouse logistics

The course of expansion keeps on continuing. With its largest capital investment since the company was established, KRÄUTER MIX has moved into a new dimension: a state-of-the art logistics center is established which takes account of the requirements of a consistent supply chain. Customer wishes can thus be satisfied even more efficiently.

2005 – Fit for the 21st century

Since the positive business development is continuing, additional storage space becomes necessary. With the acquisition and reconstruction of a former production facility in the neighboring Wiesentheid, a second location with its own dispatch area is established. In 2008, 2015 and 2017, the premises there must be expanded again.  As a result, the area of KRÄUTER MIX in Abtswind and Wiesentheid comprises a total of 55,000 square meters providing space for 95,000 pallets. Germ reduction, stored product protection, cryogenic grinding and other wage labor have become a further business field.

2009 – Pharmaceuticals in compliance with good manufacturing practice

Having the steadily growing requirements and high standards for the production of foodstuffs, medicinal plants and medicinal products in mind, KRÄUTER MIX has decided to make substantial investment: Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is the buzzword which stands for the highest possible level of hygiene and safety and constitutes the collective term for all measures on the production, handling and control of substances and medicinal products. To this end, buildings and installations are partially reconstructed with great effort. In 2012, KRÄUTER MIX has obtained GMP certification.

2013 – Juniper leads to business expansion

KRÄUTER MIX will focus even more strongly on juniper. Weisgerber GmbH from Schwebheim (Schweinfurt district), specializing in high quality juniper products for more than 20 years, are, for age-related reasons, looking for a successor to make their quality philosophy live on, – and has found a successor in Abtswind where a juniper production and drying plant, the Juniper Center, is going into operation.

2014 – The fourth generation takes the helm

Bernhard Mix (since 2010) and Steffen Mix (from 2014), sons of the current owner and thus the fourth Mix generation, join the company and are entrusted with more and more managerial tasks.

In 2017, KRÄUTER MIX is shocked by the tragic accidental death of Steffen Mix, which leaves a huge hole in our lives. We see this blow of fate as an obligation and motivation for us to make Steffen's ambitions and aspirations a reality and to secure the future of our family-owned business KRÄUTER MIX.

2015 – Sustainability at all levels

As KRÄUTER MIX take their social responsibility seriously they have been voluntarily participating in various activities towards sustainable development for many years now – which is demonstrated by their product portfolio with a series of products certified as sustainable. KRÄUTER MIX also pays special attention to ecological and social responsibility through conducting audits according to EMAS and SMETA. With this in mind, KRÄUTER MIX is committed to working in the area of environmental protection on a very large scale and even more than required by law.

2016 – Records climbing from one high to the next

Thanks to the most successful financial year in the company’s history, KRÄUTER MIX records sales in the triple-digit million-euro range for the first time: After generating 92.5 million euros in 2015, a new record high of 111 million is reported. The development shows that the company continues to grow successfully and sustainably. In order to meet the steadily growing demand, KRÄUTER MIX invests 13 million euros in the two plants in 2017: In addition to a further enlargement of the logistics center in Wiesentheid, with a total storage space of then 55,000 square meters, a new hall for six production facilities is built in Abtswind. In 2017, the next record high of 127 million euros follows. Based on this expansion, the number of employees goes up to 370.