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Company Profile

Kräuter Mix GmbH


Year of foundation: 1919
Staff: approx. 420
Turnover 2018: approx. € 115 Mio
Export quota: approx. 50%

Integrated quality management


FSSC 22000;
Permission for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, approved by the government of Upper Bavaria, according to § 13 (1) of the Drug Law;
Bio-Certificate according to VO (EG) 834/2007
Halal-Certificate (683687-DE-8102);
GMP+ B1;
FDA Facility Registration (No. 12763528862);
Authorised Economic Operator
"AEOF (simplification in customs law / security)";
EMAS environmental certification (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), includes ISO 14001;
SMETA 4 Pillars Audit (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit)


  • Industry and trade of the branches food, pet food, pharmaceuticals, tea
  • Retail of the areas health food, pharmacies, specialist retailers
  • References: Unilever, Nestlé, Frutarom, Mondelez, Kotanyi, Van Hees, Twinings, Kneipp ...

Customer satisfaction (survey results 2015/2016):

  • Satisfaction in general: 96 % have been very satisfied or satisfied
  • Recommendation: 98 % would recommend KRÄUTER MIX very likely or probably


Board of Directors
Mix, Christoph;
Managing Partner
Mix, Bernhard;
Managing Partner
Wurlitzer, Silke;
Managing Director

vom Berg, Axel; Production
Finkenzeller, Erwin; Plant Management
Köstner, Jürgen; Information Technology
Laudenbach, Dorell; Sales
Neubauer, Peter; Quality Management
Zehnder, Thomas; Logistics

Product range and service programme

  • Dried vegetables, dried mushrooms, culinary herbs and spices
  • Herbal raw material, phytopharmaceutical active substances and pharmaceutical teas (GMP)
  • Herbal and fruit infusions
  • Raw material refining: stock protection, sterilization, cutting, cleaning, grinding, mixing and packaging

Procurement of
raw material

Procurement from the worldwide best cultivation and collection areas

  • National and international contract cultivation
  • Worldwide markets for raw material
  • Development of sustainable supply structures
  • International project work


Gentle refining of raw materials with modern, high-performance production plants

Production site:
Abtswind, Wiesentheid/Germany:
reprocessing; National and international partner companies for dehydration / reprocessing

Functions KRÄUTER MIX:
Reprocessing (cleaning, cutting, grinding, blending); sterilizing; stock protection

Production lines KRÄUTER MIX:
Reprocessing lines, separated regarding product groups;
Blending units for powder, fine and coarse cut;
Units for producing powder (standard and cryogenic grinding [N]);
Fumigation units (PH₃; CO);
Care-Mix-sterilization units with saturated steam (continually and batch-wise driven) for all cutting sizes and powder;
hand selection;
semi-automatic filling station
(bags / cans);
automatic filling station (tubular bags)


Instrumental analyses (GC / HPLC);
Physical-chemical analyses;
Pharmaceutical analyses;
Sensorical analyses


Storage capacity Kräuter Mix:
approx. 55.000m²; all pest protected;

Total amount of pallets:
approx. 95.000;

Storage in:
Mobile racking system, double depth push-in
pallet racks, drive in-system for "big bags";

Storage volume:
approx. 350.000 m³;

Average stocking:
approx. 23.000 tons (year 2017)

according to EGG

KRÄUTER MIX Wiesentheid

Kräuter Mix GmbH
Wiesentheider Str. 4
97355 Abtswind

Trade Register B of District Court Wuerzburg,
Federal Republic of Germany : HRB 4809

Nature of the business: production, processing
and trade of herbs and dried vegetables

GLN: 40 41175 00000 2
VAT Reg. No.: DE811748819

Kräuter Mix GmbH
January 2019