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Ecological Responsibility

Our passion and the basis for business at Kräuter Mix are the fruits of nature. Thereby we can only develop successfully in harmony with nature, since the prerequisites for producing natural products are permanently unpolluted soil, pure air and clean water.

In 2012, Kräuter Mix have adopted an environmental directive and defined ecological goals for the years ahead. Our activities – some established for years, some recently launched – will become a component of the anticipated sustainability report.

In close cooperation with our suppliers and the Botanical Gardens of the University of Würzburg, Kräuter Mix supports projects dedicated to achieving the goals of the UN Convention On Biological Diversity (CBD) on the conservation of important medicinal plants.

Certified organic products are gaining increasing importance in society. As early as 1985, Kräuter Mix started to supply their customers with products from controlled organic cultivation. The company was certified as organic in 1992.

One of the current priorities of our ecological activities is optimizing energy efficiency. We, together with the Energy Efficiency Circle of Lower Franconia, are currently creating a concept aimed at improving our company’s energy performance.

Through our photovoltaic system, we feed approx. 210,000 kwh of green power into the grid.

As of 2013, Kräuter Mix will exclusively be procuring power from renewable sources for the site in Abtswind and from 2014 on also for Wiesentheid.