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Social Responsibility

The way we understand sustainability, our social responsibility does not only end at our factory gate; it also encompasses, along with our obligations as an employer, our mission to shape society, as well as - and this is the real challenge - to introduce and support activities geared toward a socially sustainable supply chain.

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Corporate Responsibility

A fundamental value in our mission statement is:

A highly-qualified workforce and continuous learning:
Well-trained and well-informed employees with an entrepreneurial mindset are the driving force behind maximum quality, safety and efficiency of our products and processes. We thus rely on permanent staff, intensive corporate training, empowerment and the continuous development through organizational learning.

A continuous improvement system, cross-functional project groups, dual training in cooperation with local vocational schools and the DHBW Heilbronn, diploma and bachelor theses and project activities in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Triesdorf, the participation of a large number of employees in professional organisations and/or networking groups, a wide spectrum of educational and training opportunities for our employees as well as health-related trainings are only some examples as to how we put this fundamental value into practice.

Kräuter Mix as an enterprise is committed to complying with the “10-point social plan following the BSCI Code of Conduct”. In addition we create transparency on local working conditions by publishing relevant corporate data at SEDEX, a web-based data base for assessing corporate responsibility.

Social Responsibility

We at Kräuter Mix understand the cooperation with academic research institutions and our commitment to PPP projects as a social responsibility and service to society and put it into practice. In intensive and wide-ranging cooperation with schools, universities, local authorities and associations as well as other social players, the company has been actively involved in shaping our living environment both in our regions and in Germany.


The natural plants we use in our products are an important element in people’s healthy diet. For this reason, Kräuter Mix supports various initiatives aimed at promoting healthy diets, notably for children and young people. To this end, we sponsor tea for our local day-care centres and provide support to the Initiative of the vocational High School in Kitzingen.  

A passion – not only of the owner but also of many of our employees – is promoting local sport activities. For many years now, Kräuter Mix has been sponsoring the local sports club TSV Abtswind, in the fields of competition dancing, gymnastics, netball, football and football in the little league and the junior league. The positive development of the club in recent years has encouraged the sporting ambitions of local children and young people and thus constitutes an important cornerstone in the social life in the community Abtswind.   

In addition, we also provide support to the sport clubs of the adjacent municipalities Wiesentheid, Rüdenhausen and Rödelsee.

Socially sustainable supply chain

When procuring our raw materials, we attach great importance to fair and long-lasting cooperation with our supply partners both in Germany and abroad. Our partner enterprises in Germany and Poland make their products in close cooperation with our specialists from Purchasing, Production and Quality Management.

We obtain the raw materials for our wide range of products from the worldwide best farming and picking areas. Our Purchasing Department cooperates with people from more than 70 countries all over the world, people of diverse ethical, religious and social backgrounds and experiences.

An indispensable minimum requirement for all our supply partners to cooperate with us, is their acceptance of the "10-point social plan following the BSCI Code of Conduct“, to which every key supplier must commit themselves in writing.  

At the same time, we are aware that a document alone, however well intended, does not change the living conditions of the people in the less developed world. This is why we do more.

In recent years, our team Sustainable Supply has concentrated on dealing with the various aspects of supplier qualification. They have a clear and comprehensive understanding of supplier development, i.e. taking product quality, safety and hygiene standards as well as environmental and social responsibility into account. We have been involved in global projects in cooperation with scientific institutions, as well as with our customers and suppliers.

Projects include:

  • Sustainable production of high-quality medicinal plants through the qualification of wild crop collection and the cultivation of wild plants as part of a PPP project in Albania  
  • Social project in Africa intended to promote the sustainable cultivation of hibiscus and humane living and working conditions
  • In cooperation with the Wageningen University - Centre for Sustainable Development and Food Security – our experts have been working on a project to develop sustainable production in small rural structures in China.


A cooperation with the aim of contributing to sustainable supply structures has aroused your interest?

Please contact us! We have a high level of expertise and maintain a global network.