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KRÄUTER MIX’s sales department is the classic interface between the customer and the company level. The qualification of our sales staff, in respect of both communication skills and professional know-how, is always at the focus of our personnel policy. Further training and development (continual learning) are core components of any successful teamwork.

Furthermore, avoiding “administration overheads” is also top of our list of priorities, i.e. ensuring the economic efficiency of operations with the aid, amongst other things, of increasingly sophisticated IT technology.

How successful we are in this endeavour is tested on an annual basis in our customer satisfaction survey on our marketing department, the results of which are evaluated for subsequent implementation.

For further information on individual aspects of Kräuter Mix’s sales and marketing see the submenu items.

KRÄUTER MIX Functional Area

You are now in KRÄUTER MIX’s functional area. This area provides our business partners with a wide range of communication, business and service options. Access to the main functional areas is protected by a PIN.

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