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Customer Service

Based on its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, KRÄUTER MIX offers a variety of electronic data which can be profitably applied by our customers. For security reasons, the data provided is sent in a so called “night job” to an external server beyond our “firewall”, where it can be downloaded by customers with the corresponding authorisation via homepage access.

As a special service in the commercial area, we can provide you with the current status of your respective framework contracts, recently concluded with our company.This overview provides you with a range of useful information:
Name, article, your article number and description, total volume and price of the framework contract, the charges and volumes already delivered, the remaining unfulfilled order volume etc.

This service allows your purchasing department to compare this data with the data in your own administration system and react in good time, should there be any discrepancies (volume, price, terms etc.)

If you don’t yet have access to this service, then please apply to your contact person in KRÄUTER MIX’s sales department for the corresponding activation.