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Sales Philosophy

KRÄUTER MIX’s sales department is charged with the extremely interesting task of compiling an optimised product palette for the respective customers of our partners in industry and the wholesale and retail trade. Operating on equal terms is as much a matter of course for us here as our far from run-of-the-mill service.

The Added-Value-Circle symbolises the full diversity of our products and services:As a customer, you can choose from a wide and deep program of more than 3,500 different articles, various security packages, development, advice and administrative services, through to comprehensive cooperation projects in the form of subcontracted processing, upstream quality management systems, interconnected merchandise planning and control systems, or optimised logistics models.

Behind all this is the understanding that the world of today and tomorrow is no longer structured along simple black and white lines, instead it is a corporate world with many different facets and possibilities.We are looking forward to shaping this world together with you.